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Virginia is a Super Tuesday State. Primary elections are March 3, 2020.

Online Registration
Online voter registration is available for all Virginia residents with either a Virginia Driver's License or Virginia State ID. The deadline to register for the June 9th Congressional primary is May 18, 2020.

Congressional Primary
The Congressional primary is Tuesday, June 9th. The following Virginia Congressional Districts have primary elections

District 1 (Democratic primary)
District 2 (Democratic and Republican primary)
District 3 (Republican primary)
District 4 (Republican primary)
District 5 (Democratic and Republican primary)
District 7 (Republican primary)
District 8 (Republican primary)
District 10 (Republican primary)

The Virginia General election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. 

Virginia Stats (Black, Hispanic and Asian Voters)
292,363 Unregistered 
 43,947 Inactive 
940,537 Active 

Phonebanks are open daily from 9am to 9pm

Voter registration phonebanks will be open on March 25th.

Voter Registration





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