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South Carolina

map of South Carolina Counties

South Carolina has 4 US House Members and 1 US Senator for election in 2020. 
South Carolina residents can register online.

Vote by Mail/Absentee Voting and Early Voting
South Carolina requires an approved excuse to Vote by Mail.

Persons qualified to vote by absentee ballot:

  1. Members of the Armed Forces (click here for additional information)
  2. Members of the Merchant Marine (click here for additional information)
  3. Spouses and dependents residing with members of the Armed Forces or Merchant Marine (click here for additional information)
  4. Persons serving with the American Red Cross or with the United Service Organizations (USO) who are attached to and serving with the Armed Forces outside their county of residence and their spouses and dependents residing with them (click here for additional information)
  5. Citizens residing overseas (click here for additional information)
  6. Persons who are physically disabled (includes illnesses and injuries)
  7. Students attending school outside their county of residence and their spouses and dependents residing with them
  8. Persons who for reasons of employment will not be able to vote on election day
  9. Government employees serving outside their county of residence on Election Day and their spouses and dependents residing with them
  10. Persons who plan to be on vacation outside their county of residence on Election Day
  11. Persons serving as a juror in state or federal court on Election Day
  12. Persons admitted to the hospital as emergency patients on Election Day or within a four-day period before the election
  13. Persons with a death or funeral in the family within three days before the election
  14. Persons confined to a jail or pre-trial facility pending disposition of arrest or trial
  15. Persons attending sick or physically disabled persons
  16. Certified poll watchers, poll managers, and county election officials working on Election Day
  17. Persons sixty-five years of age or older
  18. Persons who for religious reasons do not want to vote on a Saturday (Presidential Primaries Only)


Election Day Voting
Polling locations are open from 7am to 7pm on Election Day; on election day you must vote at your assigned precinct.

  93,519 Inactive 
241,680 Unregistered
874,008 Active 

Voter Registration
South Carolina offers online voter registration to voters who have a South Carolina Driver's License. South Carolina residents may register to vote online, download and print a form or in person at their County Board of Elections or other South Carolina Agency.

The deadline to register to vote in person is October 2nd; the deadline to register to vote online is October 4th.

Active Voters

Richland County 65+

SC - Richland 18-30

SC - Richland 31-40

SC - Richland 41-64

Charleston 65+

Greenville County 65+











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